Meets monthly Ages 14 to 18

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Mary Le Fevre Smith, Alison Chattaway, Todd Barnes and Tom Gamble.

Young people like to be with their mates. Once a month this club meets and enables young people to do exactly that. This group is small by design to enable friends to be out and about in the community doing the ordinary kinds of things that young friends like to do at a weekend. They have staff and volunteers who support this group, encouraging members to develop their own ideas, to make plans and choices about what they want to do and where they want to go. Life skills, social skills, self esteem and independence are developed during all the days out, the activities and the fun. Sharing and co-operating together, supporting and encouraging each other as friends is this groups greatest achievement. Enjoyment, friendship and fun is the order of this monthly group.

For further details contact Yvonne Iwanczuk at Melton Mencap 01664 564237

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Melton Mencap and Gateway is a small local voluntary organisation with charitable status. We aim to provide a range of activities to support children, young people and adults with a learning disability and their carers

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